License Agreement

1. General provisions

This Agreement describes terms and conditions under which the FastChange P2P platform works. It’s a platform created for conversion and transfer of different currencies, are provided. This Agreement is a formal written public offer addressed to individual persons to agree with using services of the FastChange. Before starting to use services with FastChange, it is necessary to read this Agreement and to inform the administration of the site that you agree to all the above-mentioned rules. The use of FastChange services is possible only if the User accepts all the terms of the Agreement. Current version of the Agreement is available on the official site of the service.

2. Terms and definitions

Terms and definitions used in the Agreement are defined by this P2P electronic currency translation platform’s introductory interface, which is available for all users of The User is any natural person who wishes to use the services of this service and, at the same time, accepts the current Agreement in accordance with all its implications. Payment system is a specialized utility, created by a third party, which is necessary for paying for goods and services on the Internet, as well as for organizing mutual settlements between the users of this payment system. E-currency is a monetary obligation between the developer of a specific cryptocurrency and between a user, represented in a digital format. A payment (transaction) is a transfer of electronic currency from one person to another. Client of a payment system is a natural or legal person who has concluded an agreement with a specific payment system to acquire property rights in it, measured in the units accepted in the relevant payment system. Application – is special information which is made by User exploiting FastChange features (submitted electronically) – this information confirms User’s intention to use services of the Service described in the Agreement. Initial Currency is the currency that the User wishes to exchange. Source Account is the number of the Wallet or other designation of the User’s account in the payment system from which the Source Currency was sent. Receipt Currency is the currency that the User receives as a result of exchanging the Source Currency into his/her Receipt Account, i.e., the number of the Wallet or any other designation of the User’s account in the Payment System to which the Receipt Currency will be sent. Currency Reserve is the amount available in the service at the time of sending the request for currency exchange. Currency Exchange is an exchange of electronic currency of one Payment system for electronic currency of another Payment system. Exchange rate is a ratio of the cost of two electronic currencies at their exchange. Service violation is the interference with the software or hardware of FastChange, i.e., the distortion of the transmitted parameters as well as creation of orders without their further payment.

3. Subject of agreement

3.1 The subject of this agreement is the service of exchange of electronic currencies through P2P payments between physical persons.

3.2. FastChange service does not collect any personal information about users, but only acts as an intermediary for legal transactions.

3.3. If the transaction is finished, it can’t be cancelled under any pretext and User won’t be able to get his money back.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. FastChange does not provide any additional services or guarantees – all services are provided as described in the Agreement.

4.2. FastChange is obliged to fulfill all its obligations as prescribed in the Agreement.

4.3. FastChange fully guarantees that everything will be in accordance with the Agreement (in terms of financial transactions), but only if the amount of client tokens will be equal to all previously agreed upon numbers.

4.4. FastChange does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profits and other expenses of the User resulting from inability to access the website and services of the Service. FastChange is not obliged to work 24/7.

4.5. FastChange is not responsible for losses incurred by the User as a result of the Payment Systems being temporarily down. FastChange is also not responsible for the cases when the User misunderstood the tariffs of the Service and lost money for this reason.

4.6. FastChange is not responsible for the cases of losing money if the User has indicated incorrect details when making the exchange.

4.7. If the User has violated the terms of the Agreement, FastChange has the full right to terminate the contract without performing any part of the services, other than returning the money to the details previously specified by the User.

4.8. FastChange doesn’t check the validity of details, which were indicated by the User. Service doesn’t take responsibility for the fact that User’s e-wallet can be forged or unauthorized.

4.9 The FastChange reserves the right to suspend any transaction and return the User’s money back to their account.

4.10. If the User is suspected of violating any serious rules of the Service, the Agreement with the User may be suspended indefinitely.

4.11. FastChange uses complex technologies, therefore in case of technical failures, the Service has the right to return to the User all his funds to the account from which they have been sent.

4.12. In case of receipt of more money to the Service than the User specified in the exchange window, the administration of FastChange has the right to consider all deposited funds as available for transaction.

4.13. FastChange has the right to terminate the Agreement with the User if the User fails to deposit funds to the account within the allotted time.

4.14. The Service reserves the right to cover expenses related to the return of funds received from the User in cases specified in clauses 4.9; 4.11; 4.13.

4.15. FastChange has the full right to apply bonus programs as part of cash transactions.

4.16. FastChange has the right to deduct a commission in the amount of 5% when providing intermediary services.

4.17. FastChange is not responsible for actions, performed by Provider of the Payment system and is not responsible for actions, performed by User.

4.18. By using the services of FastChange the User automatically confirms that all his/her cryptocurrency funds were received legally and can participate in the transaction.

4.19. The only valid way to change the requisites for exchange is to send an application from the email that was specified in advance.

4.20. Payment of all state taxes is entirely on the User.

4.21. By transferring money to the requisites in order to receive money in another currency the User confirms that the User has read the entire list of rules and agrees with them.

4.22. The User can express his gratitude for the Service in any form convenient for him.

4.23 By starting to use the Service, the User confirms that they are using it for lawful purposes only, without any fraudulent intentions.

4.24 The User undertakes not to disturb the Service.

4.25. The User must specify the number of his/her real wallet for the transaction. If the User has indicated one, but transfers from another, the administration of FastChange reserves the full right to block these two accounts and then cancel the application.

4.26. User is obliged to study all FastChange rules himself.

5. Warranties and responsibilities of the parties

5.1 FastChange is not responsible for any losses of User caused by illegal actions of third parties.

5.2 The Service guarantees the fulfillment of the terms of this agreement.

5.3 If the User exchanges the cryptocurrency, the Service guarantees that the rate will be fixed at the level of the first transaction. Before confirmation, the request can be recalculated at the exchange rate if it changes by more than 0.5%. If the User did not manage to send the cryptocurrency in the allotted time, the transaction will be recalculated at the new rate. The rate will be recalculated by the system every 5 minutes until the other person actually receives the funds

5.4 The user is obliged to provide only true and truthful information when creating an order. If the data is incorrect, FastChange will not be held responsible in case the User loses money.

6. Force majeures

6.1 Neither the User nor the Service are liable to each other for delays or failure to fulfill their obligations resulting from force majeure circumstances. Such circumstances primarily include natural disasters, terrorist acts, a drastic change of government, civil unrest, as well as failure of Payment systems, power supply systems, communication networks and Internet providers.

Peculiarities of work of payment systems with FastChange

  • Payment systems are fully responsible for funds entrusted to them by the User. FastChange does not act as a controller between Payment system and User. Cryptocurrency Exchange Service is also in no way responsible for improper or unauthorized use of the Payment System.
  • Payments are processed by the Service within 24 hours and, if necessary, FastChange may require the User to go through a verification procedure to verify the legality of their intentions.
  • Perfect Money may delay the transfer for more than 24 hours;
  • If the User will use Qiwi, it should be borne in mind that any payment made through this electronic system may be suspended by the administration for verification purposes. It is not known for certain what criteria the administration may suspend a payment and start checking it. Such sudden checks lead to the fact that the exchange process on FastChange using Qiwi can sometimes be delayed for up to two days. If administration of Qiwi payment system approves the payment, the transaction is completed, but if not, the funds will be returned to the account. The fact is that all these processes do not depend on FastChange, but each case is solved promptly and individually. The application will be restored according to the current exchange rate as soon as the Qiwi administration finishes with the check.
  • If the amount of cryptocurrency sent for exchange will be below a certain threshold, the money will not be returned.
  • When sending funds to a Ripple wallet, it is necessary to specify the XRP address of the recipient and the payment identifier. If it is not left, FastChange will implement an exchange request with a random destination tag.
  • Bank transfers via Visa and Mastercard are usually instant, but in some cases, you will need to wait up to five days.